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Your Life's Intent

March 28, 2013 - Updated: March 28, 2013

What do you want out of your life?


While many people strive to build their net worth, others want to feel happy, live an abundant lifestyle, create powerful memories with loved ones, enjoy vibrant health and treasure the opportunity to share their financial blessings with others.  Someone who achieves this may have a high net worth, but certainly has a high life worth as well.

Growing the right kind of wealth, says Paul Stolz, author of The Invincible Investor has become the new conversation about money.  

Money certainly has its place.  It can pay for a university education, launch a dream business, or help someone in need.  Money can cover the cost of an urgent medical procedure, build a school, or a hospital in a third world country.  With it you can build your dream home or embark on a dream vacation.  All the money in the world , however, won’t buy your goals or determine your aspirations.  It is just a tool that may help you achieve your goals and aspirations.  



 In our quest to achieve our goals and dreams, we move through several stages of accomplishment:

SURVIVAL:  When we start out in life, nurturing a budding career, we may have few material assets.  We worry about paying bills and reducing debt, providing for the needs of a growing family.

SUCCESS:  Through consistent effort, personal development, building relationships and seizing opportunities, people can begin to build their careers and start making money.  They might receive rewards at work for their contribution and indulge themselves in trophies to show off their material success.  A bigger house, a newer luxury car, a family cottage, finer clothes all show other people that we’ve succeeded while feeding our ego.

SIGNIFICANCE:  Sooner or later, the excitement of a new toy fades and then we strive for something more.  If we pay attention, we may realize that the pleasure of our rewards depends on the difference they make to other people beside ourselves.  


Of these three stages along the journey of life, where are you today and where would you like to be in the future?


A survey of people aged 95 years and over asked what they would do differently if they could live their lives over almost unanimously said they would:


1.  Reflect more.  Respondents said they would set aside more time to identify their deepest priorities.  They’d develop plans to live according to those priorities  and to accomplish goals that best helped them to fulfill those priorities.  They’d define success for themselves and design their lives in a way that allowed them to achieve it in all areas, including health, relationships and charitable causes, not just careers.  Yet most people spend more time planning their wedding than their marriage and more time planning what they want from a two-week vacation than figuring out what they want from life.


2.  Risk more.  Respondents said they’d have stepped  up to the plate more often and faced possible rejection, disappointment or defeat, knowing that, by daring more, they could also have accomplished more.  They would have given less thought to the opinion of others and dared to stand out from the crowd.  As Wayne Gretzky says, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.  Given the chance, these seniors would have taken more shots in life.  They’d have been more daring, bold, audacious and courageous.  


3.  Do things that would outlast them.  Given the chance to live life over, the respondents said they’d have invested more time in creating something more enduring.  They’d have done something to make a positive and lasting mark on their community and the world around them.  Beneath people’s graves lie a wealth of unwritten bestsellers, un-filmed Oscar performances, un-built skyscrapers, and a multitude of other dreams that never came to be.






What is the greatest priority in your life, and what could you do this week to invest in that priority




If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?|



What do you want to be remembered for? "



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