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What's a Saver To Do? Asks Robb Engen

April 30, 2012 - Updated: April 30, 2012

"So what's a saver to do in an environment that punishes saving?"  Call it coincidence but this was the headline in an article by Robb Engen in the business section of the Toronto Star as we were in the middle of deciding whether or not to withdraw a non-registered savings account which has not served us any good due to market fluctuations in the last few years.  This experience resonates loudly with many of us when we continue to see disappointing returns as we responsibly adhere to traditional values of working hard so you can save your hard earned money for a rainy day - only to see the values go on a roller coaster ride and already losing even before it starts to gain - just from fees, taxes and cost of inflation!


For those of you who know us, our most appreciated previous clients and friends, our business continues to grow because we take to heart, first and foremost, our client's interests and well being.  As Jon would always say, we are not in the business of selling someone a house as no one can be "sales talked" into buying a house .  We are in the business of providing the best possible service and advice to our clients for their real estate needs.  This guiding principle has served us well as our business continues to grow mainly from referrals  even to the point that many of our present clients are the children and family members of previous clients.


Being in this business affords us an "insider's" perspective of how real estate, through responsible and  prudent planning, unequivocally offers the best returns as an investment vehicle.  Responsible and prudent planning includes careful discussions of one's present circumstances,  plans for the future and exit strategies which we  have personally applied and continue to apply to our own lives.  


Many of you have worked hard to build equity in your home.  It's time that you let your equity work hard for you!  We have some strategies that we'd like to share with you.  If you know us - we always "put our money where our mouth is" and we'd like to share some sucessess we have achieved in terms of our own personal real estate investments.   We know of some good and exciting opportunities and the first step is to simply open your minds to explore what's out there for you and your family!


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