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Tips & Insights on how to eat well: 5 Things About Grocery Stores by winning blogger Maisie Vanriel

June 27, 2011

Here are excerpts from Maisie's winning blog...


"Five Things you may not know about grocery stores:


1.  Why produce is misted. A colourful wall of misted fresh produce screams healthy.  That wholesome look has been proven to result in $5 to $8 more in sales per visit.  Next time - save the produce area for last & start by walking past the cash registers and the rows of chips, candies and treats.

2.  Why milk is at the back.  Most quick trips to the grocery are for bread, milk and egg, so marketers place these items at the back of the store hoping you will walk down the aisle and make an impulse buy.   Avoid the temptation - just walk around the perimeter, pick up what you need and leave.

3.  Always try lower shelves.  Buy healthier foods and save money by choosing foods you have to bend down or stretch up to reach.  The shelf space at eye level is aimed at the average Canadian woman who is 5-foot-5.  Since women do most of the grocery shopping, manufacturers will pay thousands to own that space.  Take the cracker aisle; the least healthy, most expensive crackers are generally on the eye level shelves.  Choose healthier and less expensive crackers by just bending down or stretching up to reach them.

4.  Featured specials aren't so special.  Be wary of items that are "on special" or "featured" at the front of an aisle.  They don't always say "on sale" because oftentimes, they are not.  A "featured" cereal may be exactly the same price as it is in the aisle, just placed in a more prominent spot to increase sales.

5.  Watch for "me too" items.  The front of the aisle is also a favourite spot for what is called "me too" items.  A more expensive cereal is "accidentally" placed next to the featured cereal, and only when you get to the checkout do you find out it is more expensive."

Maisie continues to remind consumers that "it is often the mundane activities like grocery shopping where people are most easily parted from their money".

Keep these tips in mind on your next trip to the grocery store.  Happy Shopping!!!

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