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" Canada and Household Debt - Almost the Worst Among G7" Globe & Mail

October 1, 2010 - Updated: October 1, 2010

Top Business Stories in the Globe & Mail:  "Canada and household debt: Almost the worst among G7"

I must admit that for a second, upon reading this article, I felt a small knot in my stomach. Just when we thought that the economy was on its way to recovery - more bad news are being put out there by the media.  


And then, I decided that I will not allow this to affect my day.  Taking stock of the countless blessings that we enjoy - a good marriage and close family relationships, living in a country like Canada where free health care and education is top priority, freedom to practise my faith ... I can go on and on and on and on.


A year ago, when we told friends and acquaintances that we were selling our large home to move to a smaller space (condo), we encountered some negativity from certain people who could not understand our decision.  Comments like "oh, you'll be back to a house in no time..." or a simple "are you sure?" made me think - do they know something that I don't? 


All I can say is that six months after our move, I am more convinced that we made the right decision.  I say this because, we as a family, have taken a step in the direction that hopefully counteracts precisely what the article is saying -  the threat of debt running our  lives.  Unfortunately,  people look at "downsizing" as something that only elderly people do.  I call it "right-sizing" - making your decision based on what's right for you family and six months into this new lifestyle - we know that we have made the right decision. 


Bad news is only bad if we allow it to pull us down.  I look at this as a wake up call for all of us.  Let's tke stock of what's important and de-clutter our lives - always looking forward to a more abundant life - an overflowing cup of blessings that there is more than enough that we can share with those who have less...

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